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New Mexico Congressman Can’t Attend State of the Union Speech Because of Chickens

New Mexico Rep. Steve Pearce has a dilemma. Either he can be in Washington and listen to Barack Obama give his State of the Union address or he can be at a public hearing in New Mexico about chickens. However, … Continue reading

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New Mexico Legislator’s Confusing Position on Calling an Abortion for Rape as “Tampering with Evidence”

Rape just won’t go away as an issue for the Republican Party. Comments by Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin and others can be dismissed as ignorance or even slips of the tongue. When it comes to introducing legislation, that is an … Continue reading

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Ex-Candidate Slashes Opponent’s Tires

This is what is called holding a grudge. In New Mexico’s First Congressional District Janice Arnold-Jones challenged Gary Smith’s petitions to run as a candidate for that office. A judge agreed, striking Smith from the ballot. Fast forward nine months … Continue reading

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Republican Official Claims that New Mexico Governor’s Meeting with Native Americans “Dishonored” Custer

In New Mexico, some are still living the so-called Indian Wars of the 1800s. Specifically, that would be Pat Rogers, a Republican National Committee official. Upon hearing that Gov. Susana Martinez, also a Republican, attended the annual state-tribal leaders meeting … Continue reading

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New Mexico Secretary of State Alleges 64,000 Possible Cases of Voter Fraud; 19 Found

Voter fraud is an easy target for any politician. It is a red-meat issue. However, as New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna Duran found out, there really is very little voter fraud. Duran was elected on a platform of rooting … Continue reading

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Harrison Schmitt, New Chief of New Mexico’s Natural Resources, Believes Environmentalists are Communists

As an astronaut, Harrison Schmitt is what many Americans would call a hero. Take off the spacesuit, though, and he becomes just another blathering politician. The former U.S. Senator was selected by New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez to direct the … Continue reading

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ACLU Backs Kilmer Against County Officials Who Want Him To Apologize His Rights Away

By most accounts, it seems that Val Kilmer is a jerk. He has made degrading comments about his New Mexico neighbors and Vietnam veterans, and then backpedaled on both saying that he was misquoted. Some of his comments and testy relations with … Continue reading

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New Mexico County Commission Demands That Val Kilmer Explain His 2003 Insults

Actor Val Kilmer has really pissed off some government officials in San Miguel County, New Mexico. Officials on the county Planning and Zoning Commission want Kilmer to come before them within the next 30 days to explain his derogatory comments … Continue reading

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Val Kilmer’s Not Running For New Mexico Governor…Unless

How long has Kilmer toyed with this? It looks like he finally stated that he is not going to run for New Mexico governor, but don’t they all say that before they say yes?

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New Mexico House Speaker Calls Fellow Democrat “Racist SOB”

The New Mexico Legislature broke into some nasty name-calling after House Speaker Ben Lujan amended a bill to help a private developer. State Senator John Arthur Smith said Lujan’s actions created a “cloud of suspicion.” That did not go well … Continue reading

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