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North Carolina Governor Signs Restrictive Abortion Bill, Offers Cookies to Appease Protesters

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory campaigned last year on a promise not to restrict abortion rights. That promise lasted until Monday when McCrory signed an abortion bill. The bill  requires abortion clinics to operate under the same regulations as ambulatory surgical … Continue reading

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Supreme Court to Hear Invocation Case; Legislator Upset that Atheist Leads Invocation in Arizona

Just as the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear a case about prayers before a local government meeting in Greece, New York, similar controversies stirred in North Carolina and Arizona. Greece has a policy allowing all faiths, as well … Continue reading

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North Carolina May Ban Tesla Sales in the Name of “Unfair Competition”

North Carolina State Senator Tom Apodaca likes to emphasize his pro-business positions. He’s battled for lower taxes and cutting bureaucratic red tape. On his website, Apodaca relishes his status where he is “ranked as one of the most pro-business members” of … Continue reading

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North Carolina Bill Would Make It A Felony For A Woman To Go Topless

Two topless equality rallies held in Asheville, North Carolina, have prompted State Rep. Rayne Brown to introduce a bill to criminalize a woman showing her nipple in the state. The problem, according to Brown, is that the state’s current law … Continue reading

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North Carolina to Appeal “Choose Life” License Plate Ruling

North Carolina is one of 29 states that offer a “Choose Life” license plate pushed by Choose Life America. At least some of these states offer a pro-choice alternative. In a highly controversial issue such as abortion, that is the … Continue reading

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North Carolina Solves the Problem of Global Warming

The North Carolina Coastal Resource Commission estimates that by 2100, global warming will likely create a 39-inch increase in the sea level. Of course, this is not a good thing for people who own beach houses or for resorts along … Continue reading

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Wife of North Carolina Lawmaker Connects Banning Same-Sex Marriage and Saving “Caucasian Race”

The possibility that people of the same sex might marry drives some people bonkers. Take for instance Jodie Brunstetter, the wife of North Carolina state Senator Peter Brunstetter. Brunstetter authored the highly controversial Amendment 1, which declares that marriage is … Continue reading

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North Carolina GOP Leader Apologizes for Death Penalty Criticism of Democrat Whose Daughter was Murdered

The head of North Carolina’s Republican Party, Tom Fetzer, has apologized for distributing an anti-death penalty flyer in the home district of Democratic House Majority Leader Hugh Holliman. Holliman supports the Justice Act, which allows a death penalty sentence to … Continue reading

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North Carolina Congressional Candidate Thinks BP And Government Planned Oil Spill

In North Carolina, Tea Party Republican Bill Randall won his primary election 59% to 41%. Randall’s victory is significant because he made the claim that the Gulf oil disaster could have been a plot conspired by the federal government and … Continue reading

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Felons Seeking Sheriff Positions In North Carolina Lose At Polls

That this is a problem probably says more about North Carolina than many people want to admit. State Sen. Stan Bingham said he will push for a bill barring convicted felons from running for sheriff. In last week’s election, four … Continue reading

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