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Ohio Mayor Resigns Unapologetic After Anti-Gay Slurs

Pomeroy, Ohio, Mayor Mary McAngus’ prejudice is surprising. Even those who completely despise the lifestyle of gays and lesbians are careful not to direct their hate at the individuals themselves. Nevertheless, McAngus was not deterred by that nicety. After serving … Continue reading

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Ohio Secretary of State Husted’s Questionable Voting Proposals

The position of Secretary of State is very critical in most state governments. Secretary of States are supposed to promote an impartial, nonpartisan operation of elections. Why most states have this essential office as a partisan position is hard to … Continue reading

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Cousins of Ohio Senate Candidate’s Wife Come Out Against His Stance on Gay Rights

Usually when someone announces a candidacy for office, that person’s family stays out of the news, unless it is to express support. For Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel, he is not so lucky. Mandel expressed his opposition to same-sex marriage … Continue reading

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6% of Ohio Voters Claim Mitt Romney Responsible for Osama Bin Laden’s Death

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling in Ohio proves that no matter how ridiculous a question is asked, there are always a few idiots gladly willing to step forward to identify themselves as such. PPP asked likely Ohio voters, … Continue reading

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World War II Veteran Denied Right to Vote in Ohio Over ID

There is an effort around the country to strengthen state voting laws. As it relates to reducing voter fraud, or cleaning out names of the deceased and those who have moved from the voter rolls, that is fine. However, in … Continue reading

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Ohio Candidates Ask for your Vote on November 4

At least there won’t be any lines on November 4, but no polling places either. The election, of course, is November 2. Someone should have told that to the campaigns of Zack Milkovich, an Ohio State House candidate, and Frank … Continue reading

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Ohio Treasurer Candidate Tries to Smear Opponent as Muslim

In the Ohio Treasurer’s race, challenger Josh Mandel makes several allegations about incumbent Kevin Boyce’s ethics. Boyce may have ethics problems, but Mandel seems no better. In the ad, Mandel claims that Boyce gave a job to the wife of … Continue reading

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Flap in Ohio Over Use of Actor in Political Ad

Is this really a big deal? Democrat John Kasich used an actor to portray a steel worker and now he is being criticized for it. But why? Political ads these days are slick productions with professional producers, directors and sets … Continue reading

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July 4th Fireworks Another Budget Casualty

Tough economic times in the United States lead to tough budget decisions, as many cities are finding out this year. And that means no fireworks for the day celebrating the nation’s independence. July Fourth will be quieter and less colorful … Continue reading

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GOP Uses Suggestive “Masturbation” Ad To Attack Ohio Senate Candidate

It does not get much dirtier than this. The National Republican Senatorial Campaign placed this ad against Ohio Democratic Lt. Governor Lee Fisher on the internet in an attempt to derail his Senate campaign. It is so loaded with sexually … Continue reading

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