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Native American Tribes Defy Oklahoma Same-Sex Marriage Ban

In 2004, Oklahoma voters amended the state constitution to limit marriage to one man and one woman. Arguably the most conservative state in the country, this is what one would expect from Oklahoma where federal benefits to same-sex couples have … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Congressman Wants Obama to Apologize for Not Doing Enough About Tornadoes

Oklahoma Rep. Jim Bridenstine is offended that the Obama administration is spending 30 times more for climate change research than weather forecasting and warning. Bridenstine thinks that Obama owes the people of Oklahoma an apology for failing to direct funds … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Bill Would Prevent Flunking Students Who Don’t Believe in Science

Last year, Oklahoma Rep. Gus Blackwell introduced legislation allowing students to dissent from scientific theories that they disagree. The bill died in the legislature. This year it is back and is moving forward as it passed 9-8 through the House … Continue reading

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Oklahoma County Sheriff Candidate Trails by 75,000 Votes, Asks for Recount, Halts Recount After First Day

When the votes were tallied from Election Day for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s race, incumbent John Whetsel had won reelection to a fifth term. Whetsel had a narrow 75,000-vote lead over his challenger Darrell Sorrels. Okay, 75,000 votes is not … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Judge Refuses Transgender Name Change, Cites Science and the Bible

Citing the Bible and Science, which is an unusual mix, Oklahoma Judge Bill Graves has denied the name change of male to female for an individual planning on a transgendered operation. Last year, Graves denied a similar appeal for a … Continue reading

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Oklahoma City Public School’s Dress Code Prohibits Non-Oklahoma School Clothing

Weird is the best way to describe this. Weird because why would any school officials in Oklahoma City care if their students wear clothing with the names of a non-Oklahoma school or professional sports team? Yet that is what a … Continue reading

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Oklahoma State Senate Candidate Running Campaign from Jail Cell

For the last 18 days, Fred Smith has had to suspend his campaigning for a State Senate seat in Oklahoma. Smith is challenging the incumbent Susan Paddack in State Senate District 13. It is a difficult feat for any challenger … Continue reading

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Paul and Romney Supporters Fight at Oklahoma Republican Convention

So much for the idea that the Republican presidential nomination is over. Yes, Mitt Romney has it wrapped up, but Ron Paul supporters are not going down easy. At a state convention in Norman, Oklahoma, about 40% of the audience … Continue reading

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Obama Receives Only 57% of Vote in Oklahoma Democratic Primary

Oklahoma may be the most conservative state in the union. In 2008, John McCain defeated Barack Obama nearly two to one. Obama barely received more than 34% of the vote. There is no reason to think that the results will … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Lawmaker Seeks to End Judicial Review as We Know It

The last time Foolocracy looked at Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey he had proposed a bill to ban the eating of fetuses. Since no one is eating fetuses in America, the real purpose was to stop stem cell research. Shortey … Continue reading

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