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Mark Sanford Takes Out Full Page Newspaper Ad About His “Rough Week,” Confuses Alamo Battle Date With Civil War

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, now a Congressional candidate, took out a full-page ad in the Charleston Post & Courier on Sunday. Sanford lamented his bad fortune in which the National Republican Congressional Committee withdrew financial support for Sanford’s … Continue reading

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South Carolina Lawmaker Wants Five Years in Prison for Federal Officials Who Try to Implement Obamacare

This must be the same spirit that lead South Carolina to be the first state to secede from the Union. It is about the same level of rational thinking too. South Carolina state Rep. Bill Chumley wants fines and prison … Continue reading

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GOP in South Carolina County Tries to Require Candidates to Sign Platform Pledge in Order to be on Ballot

The Republican Party leadership in Laurens County, South Carolina, thought that it could rein in free-thinking elected officials who might vote or do something not in line with the party’s platform. The executive committee of the Laurens County Republican Party … Continue reading

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It Looks Like Colbert Received 1% of the South Carolina Vote

On a side note from Newt Gingrich’s surprising come-from-behind South Carolina victory, satirist Stephen Colbert seems to have scored some minor points for his surrogate campaign. Colbert was not able to get on the South Carolina ballot so he asked … Continue reading

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Colbert Ad Urges Vote for Colbert by Voting for Cain

Stephen Colbert has not been able to get on the South Carolina ballot, but his Super PAC is urging voters to channel their support to Colbert through Herman Cain. “He’s not a career politician. He’s such a Washington outsider he’s … Continue reading

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Stephen Colbert Draws 5% in South Carolina Primary Poll

The folks at Public Policy Polling must be getting bored with Republican field of presidential candidates. They added satirist Stephen Colbert to the field because Colbert tried to get the primary named after him. Surprisingly, Colbert polled 5% of the … Continue reading

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The South Carolina Primary, Sponsored by The Colbert Nation Super PAC

The Allstate BCS National Championship will determine the top college football team in the nation. There is also the Discover Orange Bowl and Vizio Rose Bowl. A few years ago, the bean counters at sports teams and facilities learned there … Continue reading

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Fringe Presidential Candidate Arrested in South Carolina Wearing Purple Dress and Cowboy Hat

A couple of days ago, dress-wearing presidential candidate Robert Haines was arrested in Columbia, South Carolina, for disorderly conduct and trespassing. Probably, you have never heard of Haines. However, he has run every year since 1992 and actually campaigned. Haines … Continue reading

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Coming Soon — Presidential Candidate Alvin Greene

It doesn’t appear that Alvin Greene is going away. South Carolina’s Democratic Party confirmed that an anonymous caller asked how much it costs to get on the ballot in South Carolina as a Presidential candidate. In case you are curious, … Continue reading

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Alvin Greene Holds Election Party that Nobody Attends

It is appropriate that one of the unlikeliest and unusual campaigns of the year ended with its candidate roundly defeated and no more than 10 supporters showing up for his election party. Of course, this is about Alvin Greene. The … Continue reading

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