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Tea Party Groups Tell Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander to Retire because He Believes in Compromise

Lamar Alexander has been around Tennessee politics since the late 1960s. He has served in the U.S. Senate since 2003. In that time, Alexander has developed a reputation of crossing the aisle and working with Democrats. In 2009, he was … Continue reading

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Tennessee Lawmaker Withdraws Bill That Would Cut Welfare Benefits For Families With Failing Students

On its face, Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield seems to have a good idea. Getting parents more involved in their children’s academics is a good thing. The problem is that Campfield’s bill could cause a range of unanticipated effects. KSDK … Continue reading

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Tennessee Bill Would Make It a Crime to Threaten Legal Action for Separation of Church and State

Tennessee State Senator Randy McNally has found a way to impede those pesky lawsuits that seek to stop prayers at government meetings. McNally has introduced legislation, SB 965, that would require those who object to prayers to go through an … Continue reading

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KKK to Protest Renaming of Memphis Park Originally Named After Klan Founder

The “Exalted Cyclops” has spoken. The Klan is outraged that Memphis, which is 63% African-American, is renaming three parks to less inflammatory-sounding names. Confederate Park will become Memphis Park; Jefferson Davis Park will become Mississippi River Park; and Forrest Park … Continue reading

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Tennessee Bill to Require Ultrasound before Abortion

Add Tennessee as the latest state to attempt a transabdominal ultrasound on women seeking an abortion. The bill would require a woman to have the ultrasound at least 24 hours before an abortion. The stated purpose of the bill by … Continue reading

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Tennessee Bill Would Require Schools to Out Gay Kids to Parents

Last year, Texas State Senator Stacey Campfield pushed legislation that would forbid the discussion of homosexuality in sex education courses between kindergarten and eighth grade. The bill appeared set to become law until it was discovered that there were not … Continue reading

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Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia Move to the Right in Presidential Politics; Alaska Veers Left

In 2008, Barack Obama defeated John McCain by 6.27%. Not all the results are official yet, but Obama’s victory margin shrank to 3.12% in 2012. In most states, Obama’s victory margin also changed. There are a handful of states where … Continue reading

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Tennessee Democrats Disown Senate Candidate because of Extremist Ties

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker is a shoo-in for reelection. That became even more obvious when the Democratic field opposing him lacked a single well-known opponent. Instead, voters had to select from seven unknowns this week. They choose the name at … Continue reading

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Tennessee’s New Sex Ed Curriculum Labels Hand-Holding a Gateway Sexual Activity

With a high teen pregnancy rate, Tennessee wants to confront the problem head on. However, the preferred method for the state is not to talk about sex, but to talk about abstinence. Tennessee has just passed a bill in its … Continue reading

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Tennessee Lawmaker Wants Information on Abortions Made Public

A new abortion bill in the Tennessee legislature would make public the names of doctors performing an abortion, plus facts about the women who undergo the procedure. Tennessee State Rep. Matthew Hill introduced HB 3808, but it is not the … Continue reading

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