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White Candidate Wins Houston Election by Misleading Voters into Thinking that He is Black

Dave Wilson ran for a seat on the Houston Community College board without expecting to win. Wilson is a white conservative who ran in a heavily black and liberal district. His opponent, Bruce Austin, had served for 24 years. The … Continue reading

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Texas Attorney General Almost Prevented from Voting because of Voter ID Law He Supports

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was nearly disenfranchised by the voter ID law he strongly backs. The new voter law requires identification that lists a voter’s name exactly as it appears in the voter registration information. Abbott’s name is listed … Continue reading

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Two Reasons Why the Texas Tea Party is Really Crazy

Ted Cruz’ Cuban-born father has often made the news because of his extreme positions. Both Cruzes favor the Tea Party. The Tea Party is also a center for birthers. The irony there is that Cruz was born in Canada to … Continue reading

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Texas’ New Voter ID Law will Make It Harder for Women to Vote

Next year’s gubernatorial race in Texas will probably include State Senator Wendy Davis, known for her filibuster against an anti-abortion law earlier this year. Her natural constituency rests with young women voters. Some of those voters are going to find … Continue reading

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Texas Faces Another Push to Add Creationism to Science Textbooks

It is 2009 all over again in Texas. Back then, religious conservatives were on the edge of a majority on the State Board of Education. They wanted to add creationism to science textbooks. The same arguments are being presented again, … Continue reading

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Texas Lawmaker Claims Sex Ed Makes Students too “Hot and Bothered” to Use Contraceptives

The Texas legislature is in a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry. The primary purpose is to pass a more restrictive abortion bill. That has led to an interesting conversation that happened to be taped in the state capitol’s … Continue reading

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Texas Legislator Thinks a “Rape Kit” is for Preventing Pregnancies

Across the country, bills are being introduced to limit abortions to 20 weeks or less. In most cases, amendments are being proposed for the exception of rape and incest. When that amendment was proposed in the Texas state House, the … Continue reading

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Rick Perry Vetoes “Buy America” Bill Approved Unanimously by Texas House

In an unlikely action by someone who may still want to run for president, Texas Gov. Rick Perry vetoed a bill with widespread bipartisan support. The House passed it 145-0. The Senate passed it 23-7. The bipartisanship was for a … Continue reading

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Opponents Of Texas “Do Not Resuscitate” Bill Misinforming Public

At first glance, it looks like pro-life groups and conspiratorial WND might be onto something. They and others have criticized a Texas Republican’s bill that would allow doctors to create “do not resuscitate” orders even if a patient disagrees. From WND: … Continue reading

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Texas Board of Education Chair Wants Textbook Publishers to “Soften” Language on Evolution

Back in 2009, the Texas State Board of Education created new science guidelines that weakened the teaching of evolution. Kathy Miller of the Texas Freedom Network stated that this was the beginning of creationism working itself into the curriculum. “Through … Continue reading

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