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Sen. Baucus Compares Obamacare to Humpty Dumpty

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus played a critical role in passing the Affordable Care Act. He also warned that a “train wreck” was coming during the Obamacare rollout. He was right on that. Baucus is now warning that unless … Continue reading

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Michigan Congressman Says Europeans Should “Applaud” U.S. For Spying On Them

Someone in the Obama administration should bear responsibility for the spying on U.S. allies. The finger pointing is difficult, not so much on where to point it, but because there are so many places to point it. It isn’t just … Continue reading

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Obamacare Glitches Continue Long-History of Government Snafus for New Programs

With all the complaints about the failings of the website, it almost makes it seem that Obamacare’s opponents might be right that this program is heading toward a boondoggle of enormous proportions. However, there’s a big flaw in that … Continue reading

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Palin Calls Defaulting on National Debt an Impeachable Offense for Obama

The satirical Daily Currant posted a story that Rep. Michele Bachmann was seeking to impeach Barack Obama for failing to negotiate with Republicans about the fate of Obamacare, funding the federal government and the national debt. Of course, failure to … Continue reading

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National Park Service Allowing Selective First Amendment Rallies

It’s become a major issue of civil disobedience to have people slip past National Park Service barriers at monuments and parks. A lot of this is being done by opponents of the Obama administration in hopes of driving bad press … Continue reading

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Debt-Ceiling Truthers Live In Their Own Fantasy Financial World

As the government shutdown continues and the U.S. lurches closer to defaulting on its debt, some members of Congress think that is a great plan. Some, like Florida Rep. Ted Yoho, even believe that a default on the federal debt … Continue reading

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Republicans More Likely to Believe in Conspiracies than Democrats

Public Policy Polling has released a poll on Americans and conspiracies. While it has some strange results, 32% think the Super Bowl is rigged, there is some hope for common sense. Only 3% think the federal government has conspired with … Continue reading

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GOP Issues Demands to Raise Debt Ceiling

Until just a few years ago, voting on raising the debt ceiling was a reflexive action by Congress. Outside of a few members of Congress who would take the opportunity for a diatribe on spending, Congress voted to approve paying … Continue reading

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Creepy Anti-Obamacare Ads Try to Scare Young People from Signing Up with Health Care Exchanges

This ads are from Generation Opportunity, a right wing group with ties to the Koch brothers. That’s not the problem. It is that the ads are trying to scare away young, healthy adults from joining the health exchanges. Their presence … Continue reading

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Australia’s Version of a Less Government Party is a Lot More Fun than America’s Stick in the Mud Politics

Here in the United States, there are various parties promoting less government. Supposedly, the Republican Party is one of those. Yet when it comes to military spending, abortion and gay rights, then the idea of less government intrusion is ignored. … Continue reading

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