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Virginia Attorney General and Gubernatorial Candidate Wants Ban on Oral Sex

It’s bad enough that Virginia voters have to consider E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor. Jackson has compared Planned Parenthood to the KKK, asserted that yoga leads to Satanism and that the Great Society programs were worse than slavery. Jackson is … Continue reading

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Virginia School Board Member Pressured to Resign After Sending Racist Email of Michelle Obama

Ever since Barack Obama was elected president, emails depicting the President and First Lady in racist caricatures have routinely been circulated by elected officials. The latest episode is a school board at the Isle of Wright in Virginia. Herb DeGroft … Continue reading

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Virginia GOP Lt. Governor Nominee Compared Planned Parenthood to KKK

In Virginia, the Republican Party selected its candidates for state office over the weekend. To no surprise, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was selected as the candidate for Governor. Seven candidates vied for Lt. Governor. The winner was E.W. Jackson, an … Continue reading

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Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli’s Foolish Decision to Uphold State Sodomy Law

“Virginia is for Lovers” or so claims Virginia’s official tourism and travel slogan. If Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli gets his way, then that slogan will be only for specific state-sanctioned love. Last week, a three-judge panel threw out a sodomy … Continue reading

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Virginia Moves to Legalize Cohabitation

It’s the twenty-first century and some states still have outdated laws of a couple of centuries ago. Virginia state Senator Adam Ebbin is trying to fix one of those laws by legalizing the 140,000 Virginians currently living together. Undoubtedly, there … Continue reading

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Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli Compares Contraception Mandate to Martin Luther King’s Fight for Civil Rights

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has embraced the contraception mandate as a political issue to define his candidacy for governor. Earlier, he made the controversial comment that opponents of the contraception mandate should prepare themselves for civil disobedience and jail … Continue reading

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Virginia Politician Identifies Next Terrorist Threat: Atheists

In Loudon County, Virginia, atheists are challenging holiday displays at the Leesburg Courthouse. It’s the same thing played out in places across the country. The displays are a broad range of subjects: Christmas tree, nativity scene, Santa and a Menorah. … Continue reading

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Sea Levels Rising in Virginia but Lawmakers Want to Call It “Recurrent Flooding”

The sea is rising along the Virginia coastline and coastal trees are dying as the saltwater encroaches. It is one of the consequences of global warming. To the south, North Carolina has found its own way to deal with global … Continue reading

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Virginia Legislator Contends that Intention to Vote is Actual Vote

A Virginia legislator, Delegate David Yancey, has missed 110 votes this session, including the one last week where a gay nominee for a state judgeship was not confirmed. A local television station prepared to run a story on Yancey’s many … Continue reading

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Virginia Blocks Nominee for Judge because He is Gay

Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall has a history of opposing gay rights. Last year, he even said that homosexuality “undermines the American economy.” Marshall never explained how that happens. Marshall is back with more homophobia this year as he challenged the … Continue reading

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