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Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Details “Abusive behavior” of Fellow Justice

We like to think of judges, particularly Supreme Court Justices, as contemplative, fair and even-tempered. The reality is far from that. That reality is furthest for the Wisconsin Supreme Court where physical altercations between justices have been reported. Back on … Continue reading

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Wisconsin State Senator: Voter ID Laws would have let Mitt Romney Win

Give Wisconsin State Senator Alberta Darling credit. She just admitted that suppressing voter turnout is a good thing. At least she’s honest. To her benefit, she is only suggesting that to reduce fraud. Unfortunately, as study after study has found, … Continue reading

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Candidate’s Arrest on Domestic Abuse becomes an Issue In Wisconsin Race

A 12-year-old domestic abuse case is raising attention in a Wisconsin state senate race. State Senator Jennifer Schilling sent a detailed mailer to voters describing an incident where Bill Feehan was arrested for beating up his ex-girlfriend. Feehan was charged … Continue reading

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Former Wisconsin Town Official Banned from State After Charges of Misconduct with Teen Girls

A 67-year-old former trustee from the small town of Sturtevant in southeastern Wisconsin has been banned from the state in a plea deal that saw two counts for contributing to the delinquency of a minor dropped. Sturtevant is a town … Continue reading

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Barrett Slapped by Supporter After Conceding Recall Race in Wisconsin

Perhaps this woman does not realize that they still count votes after a candidate concedes. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett lost to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the attempt to recall Walker. It became clear fairly early in the vote counting … Continue reading

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Romney’s “Subgate”

There goes that squeaky clean image. Mitt Romney has been caught with Congressman Paul Ryan bribing voters by passing out sandwiches to voters while urging them to vote. Romney and Ryan spent election day in Wisconsin at Cousins Subs, a … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Lawmaker Links Unmarried Parents to Child Abuse

Single parents are a convenient whipping post in politics. That has at least been the case since former Vice President Dan Quayle became involved in a public argument over a fictional television single mother. Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman has … Continue reading

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Michigan Anti-Bullying Law Allows Exception for “Religious Beliefs” and “Moral Convictions”

Leaving a hole wide enough for any bully to drive a freight train through, an anti-bullying law passed by the Michigan State Senate places punishments on bullying and accusing someone of bullying unless the bullying is being done for religious, … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Judge Rules that there is not a “Fundamental Right to Produce and Consume” Foods of One’s Choice

One of the legal battles across the country involves the use of unpasteurized milk. There is an outspoken minority that seeks to bypass state health laws by consuming unpasteurized milk. Unpasteurized milk is probably richer in nutrients than pasteurized milk. … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Legislature Confronts Its Most Pressing Issue: “Butter or Margarine?”

Dairy is serious business in Wisconsin. Dairy products involve jobs and state pride. Since 1895, Wisconsin has clamped down on one of the evils of modern society – margarine. The 1895 law was especially harsh in prohibiting margarine. In 1910, … Continue reading

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