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Ted Cruz Birth Questions Expose Birthers’ Empty Argument

A prime example of double standards can be found in how Barack Obama’s and Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be president is playing out. For nearly six years, birthers have claimed that Obama was not born in Hawaii, but Kenya. Despite … Continue reading

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Birthers Still Refusing to Go Away; This One Pops Up in Michigan State Senate

Despite being reelected to a second term, or perhaps because of that, there are still a sizeable number of Americans who believe that Barack Obama is holding the office of President unconstitutionally. Michigan State Senator Tom Casperson is the latest … Continue reading

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Alabama GOP Chairman Promotes Fictional Story of Obama’s “Real Father”

This isn’t a real birther video, but it is a subset in the birther movement that will do anything to discredit Barack Obama. For them, the truth doesn’t matter. For birthers who have decided that the case for Obama being … Continue reading

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Orly Taitz Visits Kansas on Birther Pilgrimage

Birther Orly Taitz, never one to miss a good camera opportunity, appeared before the Kansas Objections Board yesterday to press the case that Barack Obama should be removed from the ballot. The Board quickly rejected Taitz’s argument on the grounds … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again — The “Obama is Gay and Was Married to a Pakistani Man” Conspiracy

Obama has been accused of being a Nazi, communist, Muslim, Kenyan citizen, Indonesian citizen and the anti-Christ. He hates America too. There is also the persistent rumor that he is gay. Now that last one has been taken to a … Continue reading

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Six-Year-Old Boy Used in Anti-Obama Ad

Bringing kids into political campaigns is perfectly fine. When I was nine, I campaigned door-to-door for my Dad, who was running for reelection as a county supervisor in California. Looking back, it was an exciting, fun and educational experience. For … Continue reading

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Arpaio Sends “Threats Unit” Investigator to Find Obama’s Birth Certificate; Hawaii Refuses to Accept Arizona Secretary of State’s Reasons for Needing Birth Certificate Verification

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ratcheting up his investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate. This time he is using taxpayer dollars. Arpaio used his cold-case posse of volunteers to investigate the birth certificate earlier this year. The cost to … Continue reading

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New Birther Conspiracy Involves CIA, Communists and a Hawaiian Birth

The “traditional” birthers aren’t happy with a new film about Barack Obama that reveals he really was born in Hawaii. These birthers want proof that Obama was born in Kenya so that he can be disqualified as president. A film … Continue reading

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Angry that Republican Presidential Candidates “Hiding” Truth about Obama’s Eligibility

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that his investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate “takes it to a different level, because we are a law enforcement agency. It gives it a little different type of credibility.” Or lack of credibility. Since … Continue reading

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Calls Obama Birth Certificate a “Forgery”

As if the Republican Party doesn’t have enough problems, now Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has determined through his cold case posse that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. Despite those who brought the investigation to Arpaio, and … Continue reading

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