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Sen. Menendez Reimburses Supporter for Airfare After FBI Raid

It would be much easier to embrace this story as hard news if it wasn’t coming from the political agenda of The Daily Caller. Yet as I wrote earlier this week, Menendez hasn’t done much to deflect the charges that … Continue reading

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FBI Warns that Anyone “Overly Concerned about Privacy” Should be Considered Suspicious

Do you like privacy? Well, the FBI thinks that you might be a terrorist if you are “overly concerned” about it. The FBI has released a flyer advising how good citizens can spy on other people at internet cafes. According … Continue reading

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1950′s FBI Letter Fires Up UFO Conspiracy

In the last week, there has been discussion about an FBI letter from 1950 about aliens crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico. This is the old Roswell story that has played over in many forms through the last few decades. … Continue reading

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FBI Demands That Wikipedia Stop Posting Its Seal

The FBI is getting possessive about its official seal. In an official request to Wikipedia, the FBI requested that the online site remove its high-quality image of the FBI’s seal. Apparently, the G-men have had their fill of going after … Continue reading

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Made In China

Doesn’t anyone make pens in the U.S. anymore? At least the FBI should get some that doesn’t have “China” sprawled above the Bureau’s name.

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FBI Finds Post-It Notes Just As Good As A Court Order For Obtaining Phone Records

The long-awaited report from the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General about the FBI’s use of “exigent letters” has been released. Exigent letters are supposed to be used when time is a critical element in an investigation. As … Continue reading

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Spanish Politician Blasts FBI For Using His Face As An Aged Bin Laden

The former leader of Spain’s United Left Party is considering suing the FBI because one of their forensic artists lifted his image off the internet to use as a template for an updated photo of Osama bin Laden. Gaspar LLamazares, … Continue reading

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FBI Releases New Photo Of Bin Laden

The FBI has released a couple of new, digitally enhanced photos on how an older Osama bin Laden might look. In one photo, bin Laden is even lacking his trademark head scarf and beard. The most disturbing part about the much older bin Laden is … Continue reading

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FBI Denies Palin Investigation; Palin’s Facebook Explanation Leaves More Questions

An FBI spokesman, Special Agent Eric Gonzalez, said “it is not true” that the FBI is investigating Sarah Palin or preparing to indict her. Although the FBI has been active in other cases involving Alaskan lawmakers receiving money, free construction … Continue reading

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FBI Interrogator Calls “Enhanced Interrogation” Ineffective

This op-ed piece in the New York Times by an FBI special agent sheds a lot of light on torture. Ali Soufan stated that most of the valuable intelligence gathered from terrorists came before “enhanced interrogation techniques” were used. Soufan … Continue reading

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