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Mongolia’s Green Nazis

Nazism is on the rise in Mongolia. It has been growing slowly for several years, as this Foolocracy story points out. The rise of Mongolian Nazism has a lot to do with the rise of Chinese power. In Mongolia, it has … Continue reading

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Nazi Registers as Lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

Lobbyists, who are not looked on favorably by most Americans, just took another hit to their image when John Bowles, a member of the American Nazi Party, registered as a lobbyist in the nation’s capitol. Bowles ran for president in … Continue reading

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Egyptian Nazis

These Nazis aren’t Aryans. There goal is to advance the Arab race, develop nuclear power for Egypt and, of course, there are the Jews. Weird, but dangerously so.

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Neo-Nazis Duped by T-Shirts with a Hidden Message

About 250 T-shirts at a “Rock for Germany” neo-Nazi concert were handed out to the attendees. With a skull and crossbones scrawled across the front the black and white T-shirts read “Hardcore Rebels – National and Free.” It was the … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazis Protest In Los Angeles Ends With Stalled Car

About 50 protesters from the National Socialist Movement held a rally in Los Angeles yesterday and were confronted by about 500 counter-protesters. The usual things happened. The neo-Nazis shouted slogans, the counter-protesters responded back. About five people were arrested. The … Continue reading

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Nazis, Anarchists Square Off In Phoenix

Phoenix sure knows how to hold a political rally. Not one, but two of them…at the same time. Of course, this was not your typical political rally. On one side were the Nazis; on the other side were the anarchists. … Continue reading

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Nazis Find Comparisons To Democrats And Republicans “Laughable”

While Republicans call Democrats Nazis, and Democrats exclaim that Republicans are using Nazi tactics, the real National Socialists are bemused by the two main parties. In an email response to Foolocracy, Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement, called … Continue reading

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