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House Republicans Develop Weird Playbook Graphic Against Obamacare

The House Republican leadership is planning to keep the pressure on the Obama administration over the next few months by focusing on Obamacare. That makes solid political sense. The new program is filled with glitches and needs corrections. That is … Continue reading

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Anti-Hillary Clinton Buttons Take a Personal Turn

Popular buttons at @CAGOP convention already take on @hillaryclinton #2016 in a big way… Ouch!! — Carla Marinucci (@cmarinucci) October 6, 2013 At the California GOP convention, there is a lot of anti-Hillary Clinton chatter. That is to be … Continue reading

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Republicans More Likely to Believe in Conspiracies than Democrats

Public Policy Polling has released a poll on Americans and conspiracies. While it has some strange results, 32% think the Super Bowl is rigged, there is some hope for common sense. Only 3% think the federal government has conspired with … Continue reading

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GOP Issues Demands to Raise Debt Ceiling

Until just a few years ago, voting on raising the debt ceiling was a reflexive action by Congress. Outside of a few members of Congress who would take the opportunity for a diatribe on spending, Congress voted to approve paying … Continue reading

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Republicans Feasting on Themselves During Congressional Recess

Tea Party activists are not backing down on their attempts to defund Obamacare. More seasoned, and rational, Republicans know this is a dead end for their party. Even if the House voted to defund Obamacare with the consequence that the … Continue reading

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Virginia GOP Lt. Governor Nominee Compared Planned Parenthood to KKK

In Virginia, the Republican Party selected its candidates for state office over the weekend. To no surprise, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was selected as the candidate for Governor. Seven candidates vied for Lt. Governor. The winner was E.W. Jackson, an … Continue reading

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Santorum: GOP Will Never Accept Same-Sex Marriage

Rick Santorum, who will undoubtedly run for president again in 2016, is dismayed at the Republicans who are slowly changing their positions on same-sex marriage. Santorum is firmly in the social conservative wing of the Republican Party and is showing … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage May Be As Important For The Republican Party As It Is For Gay Couples

Many different scenarios have been proposed for the Supreme Court’s ruling on California’s Proposition 8 and the federal DOMA. Those decisions rest on one, maybe two justices. The four liberal justices will line up on the side supporting same-sex marriage. … Continue reading

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63% of Republicans Think that Congressional Republicans are Out of Touch

A new Rasmussen poll has a shocking number for Congressional Republicans. A strong majority of Republicans feel that Congressional Republicans have “lost touch with Republican voters from throughout the nation.” An overwhelming 63% feel this way, while just 30% feel … Continue reading

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Republicans Rate Their Lives Much Worse After the Election

Gallup does life expectation ratings monthly. Broken down by party identification, the most recent one gives an interesting perspective on Republicans and their state of mind after the election. To no surprise, they are rather gloomy. They dropped from a … Continue reading

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