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Michigan Congressman Says Europeans Should “Applaud” U.S. For Spying On Them

Someone in the Obama administration should bear responsibility for the spying on U.S. allies. The finger pointing is difficult, not so much on where to point it, but because there are so many places to point it. It isn’t just … Continue reading

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Palin Calls Defaulting on National Debt an Impeachable Offense for Obama

The satirical Daily Currant posted a story that Rep. Michele Bachmann was seeking to impeach Barack Obama for failing to negotiate with Republicans about the fate of Obamacare, funding the federal government and the national debt. Of course, failure to … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz Birth Questions Expose Birthers’ Empty Argument

A prime example of double standards can be found in how Barack Obama’s and Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be president is playing out. For nearly six years, birthers have claimed that Obama was not born in Hawaii, but Kenya. Despite … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Comes Out in Favor of Prayer at Local Government Meetings

The Obama administration and Congressional Republicans have finally found something both can agree. It won’t solve any of the nation’s vexing problems from abortion to same-sex marriage or the federal debt, but it might open a pandora’s box to a … Continue reading

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Obama: Trust Your Government Because We Care About You

If George W. Bush said this, then he would be strung up as a threat to the Constitution. Yet this isn’t Bush. It is Barack Obama. That doesn’t lessen the troublesome nature of what Obama has to say. Indeed, his … Continue reading

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Obama Administration To Shift Drug Policy From Enforcement To Treatment

It maybe five years late, but the Obama adminstration is finally making a major shift in drug policy. White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske announced the change as reported by The Baltimore Sun: As the federal government shifts its drug … Continue reading

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Putin Sends Message To Obama: Can’t You Control that “Russophobic Congress?”

Here is more evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin is not a believer in democracy. He doesn’t know how it works. Having stripped freedom of expression from the Russian media, limited political rights, altered the constitution for his own power … Continue reading

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When Democrats Would Not Back Same-Sex Marriage

It wasn’t long ago that both Democrats and Republicans opposed same-sex marriage. In the video below, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, then New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Nevada Sen. Harry Reid expressed their unwaverable support that marriage is between a … Continue reading

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Obama’s Limo, Filled With Gasoline Instead of Diesel, Breaks Down in Israel

It looks like the White House might need a new limo driver for the President’s car known as “The Beast.” Arriving ahead of Barack Obama in Israel, the driver filled the diesel-powered behemoth with gasoline. When that happens, either the … Continue reading

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Congresswoman Challenges Obama to Skeet Shooting Contest

Barack Obama’s claim that he skeet shoots while in Camp David has raised a lot of doubts. Realistically, he has probably done it a couple of times or so. That hardly makes him an expert. He may not have even … Continue reading

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