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A Vicious Dog, Don’t Say “Rape” Tutoring, Homophobic Campaigning and a Potential Gubernatorial Candidate with Bad Hair

Since I stopped writing regularly on Foolocracy, several people have written to me expressing that they will miss the regular updates on the absurd in politics. Like a Toronto mayor on crack, I must admit that making regular posts is … Continue reading

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Trump Suggests that Obama Behind New York Attorney General Lawsuit Against Trump University

98% of the students thought Trump University was great, according to Donald Trump. On Saturday, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit against Trump for $40 million, alleging fraud in unfulfilled promises to the students. Some of those … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Spends $1 Million to Evaluate 2016 Presidential Race

To no surprise, Donald Trump has his eye on the 2016 presidential election. The perpetual maybe candidate has toyed with the idea of running for president for over a decade. He always backs out at the last minute, but there’s … Continue reading

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Fool of the Year: Richard Mourdock

Every election year brings out the fools. 2012 was no exception. With the nation heading over a fiscal cliff because a balance of cuts and taxes can’t be agreed upon by the President and Congress, there are plenty of fools … Continue reading

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Is Donald Trump the Nation’s Court Jester?

For a man who has never held or officially ran for public office, Donald Trump just won’t get out of politics. His stay in a field that he knows nothing about has long worn out its welcome. Whereas years ago … Continue reading

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Birthers Right! Obama Admits that He Grew Up in Kenya

Shocking. Just shocking, I tell you. And who knew that Trump played soccer?

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Dining with the Donald

Who wouldn’t want to have dinner with the most pompous, egocentric and conspiracy-minded billionaire in the world? Okay, the more reasonable question is who would want to have to appear to enjoy a meal while sitting next to Trump and … Continue reading

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Romney’s Birth Certificate Points Out that His Father was Born in Mexico

At a time when some still want to believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, it is ironic that Mitt Romney released his birth certificate only to have attention directed to his father, George Romney. The elder Romney was … Continue reading

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Romney-Trump, That’s the Ticket

Mitt Romney should pick Donald Trump for vice-president. Oh, yeh. Guess who thinks this would be a great idea? Go ahead, one guess is all you need.

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Trump Calls GOP Super PAC Ad Targeting Obama as too Cool “One of Worst Commercials Ever”

I’ve always considered Donald Trump a showman masquerading as a political figure, but he does have a point here. A Republican Super PAC, American Crossroads, released a video a couple of days ago portraying Obama as a celebrity president who … Continue reading

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