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Grover Norquist Breaks the Bad News: There are No Pink Unicorns

Frankly, I always thought unicorns only came in white. Of course, I haven’t seen one of those yet, but, apparently, Grover Norquist is an expert on unicorn colors. Pink is out. Perhaps this is what happens when you hold an … Continue reading

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Norquist “No Tax Pledge” Looks to Further Divide Republican Party at Critical Time

The fiscal cliff can’t come at a worse time for the Republican Party. Only once in the last six presidential elections has the party broke the 50% mark. It now appears that the GOP maybe topping off its support in … Continue reading

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Grover Norquist: If Obama Gets a Second Term and Tries to Raise Taxes, We’ll Impeach Him

  Grover Norquist is the man behind the pledge not to raise a single tax. He has almost the entire Republican Congress on his chain over this issue. He has made his no tax pledge a loyalty pledge on par … Continue reading

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