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Mitch McConnell’s $2 Billion “Kentucky Kickback” in Debt Deal

Senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell came out of the debt and funding mess as two of the few adults in Washington. While John Boehner is a clear loser and Barack Obama’s position ambiguous (he held firm in his position … Continue reading

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When Democrats Would Not Back Same-Sex Marriage

It wasn’t long ago that both Democrats and Republicans opposed same-sex marriage. In the video below, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, then New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and Nevada Sen. Harry Reid expressed their unwaverable support that marriage is between a … Continue reading

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Filibuster Reform to be a Priority for Next Senate

The filibuster has been around since before the Civil War. It was designed as a means for a minority to slow down legislation. The intent in that is good. Unfortunately, it was used widely by people like South Carolina Sen. … Continue reading

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Sen. Harry Reid Asserts “Millionaire Job Creators are Like Unicorns”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, one of the driest speakers in Congress, spit out a colorful phrase that’s worth taking a look at it. “Millionaire job creators are like unicorns. They are impossible to find and don’t exist.” The debate … Continue reading

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No Shortage of Fools in Washington

After weeks of negotiations, the President and Congressional leaders came up with a plan to cut a trillion dollars and kick the rest of the responsibility to a bipartisan Congressional group to report back with more cuts in a few … Continue reading

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Harry Reid Offers Advice To Weiner: “Call Someone Else”

Anthony Weiner is the most toxic Congressman in Washington now. Nobody, not even his Democratic friends, wants to be associated with him. Take, for instance, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: When asked what advice he’d give the Congressman if he … Continue reading

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Harry Reid Wants Nevada to Outlaw Prostitution

If Harry Reid felt outlawing prostitution was important, he should have made it part of his campaign last year. Ah, too controversial for election year politics, but now that Reid has a full six years before facing the voters again, … Continue reading

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Senate Opens Session on January 3, Finally Adjourns First Day on January 25

On January 25, the Senate adjourned its first day. You might think that January 3 was the day that the Senate first opened its new session so how could January 25 have concluded the first day? That is because Senate … Continue reading

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Reid Calls China’s President a Dictator

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid immediately backtracked from his comment about Chinese President Hu Jintao, but it has stirred some debate. Hu is not a dictator like Stalin or Hitler were or like Muammar Gaddafi or Kim Jong-il are. He … Continue reading

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Angle Ad Against Reid Distorts, Takes Out of Context Illegal Aliens and Sex Offenders

  Sharron Angle’s new ad against Harry Reid in the Nevada Senate race is a prime example of how political campaigns distort the truth to confuse the voters. Angle racks up four points why voters should not return Reid to … Continue reading

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