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Jesse Jackson Jr.’s House Seat Sought by Former Congressman Convicted of Sex and Fraud Charges

The man who held the seat Jesse Jackson Jr. assumed in Congress wants it back. Mel Reynolds served in Congress from 1993-1995. He was chased from office and sentenced to prison for having an affair with a 16-year-old campaign worker.  … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Jesse Jackson Jr. to Explain His Illness

Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s family is continuing to shelter what is the worst kept secret in America today – Jackson has had some form of mental breakdown. This is nothing of which to be ashamed. Each of us is … Continue reading

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It’s Not the iPad Against American Jobs

No one wants to see a job go away, especially when it is offshored. Unfortunately, Jesse Jackson, Jr., is barking up the wrong tree in his explanation. It would be great if the jobs for manufacturing the iPad stayed in … Continue reading

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Jesse Jackson Jr. Goes Overboard on Amending the Constitution

Most of what Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has to say are basic rights that Americans should have. Unfortunately, putting these specific amendments in the Constitution is not going to happen because it takes a supermajority to accomplish that. If there … Continue reading

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Hugfest At Illinois Democratic Delegation

Barack Obama’s nomination for the Presidency has changed at least one political environment. Illinois Democrats have a long history of bickering and ill feelings. Now is no different from before. However, at the DNC the Democratic pols engaged in a … Continue reading

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