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McCain States What Everyone Already Know: Time for “Regime Change in North Korea”

This is stating the obvious. The world’s been pining for a regime change for the last 60 years. McCain said that we should “put significant pressures” on North Korea. Great idea, but how is that going to happen Senator? McCain … Continue reading

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Steele In Hot Water After Declaring Afghanistan Is Obama’s War

It may be time to start the countdown to Michael Steele’s resignation as RNC chair. Steele’s recent comments on Afghanistan have brought a hailstorm of criticism from leading Republicans like John McCain, Liz Cheney and Lindsey Graham. Conservative bloggers like … Continue reading

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John McCain, The Senator Formerly Known As A Maverick, Turns Right On Immigration

John McCain, who now calls himself a “fighter” instead of a “maverick,” has always been a bit liberal for many conservatives on immigration. Facing a hard primary challenge from J.D. Hayworth, McCain has swung hard to the right. The recent anti-immigration bill in … Continue reading

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Not Paid For By J.D. Hayworth

No one can accuse the McCain people of not having a sense of humor, albeit at J.D. Hayworth’s expense. In this video is man-horse marriage, Dracula, Obama’s birthplace and one of the 10 dumbest members of Congress. Guess who?

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Is That $54 Million For The Wine Train Or Flood Control?

Napa Valley Wine Train. The Napa Valley is a wine growing region on par with the best France has to offer. It is a short drive north of San Francisco and affluent. That means Napa is filled with wine, liberals and … Continue reading

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McCain Defends Obama Before Crowd

This is just another example why American politics needs more people like Senator John McCain. In a time when people are raising questions about Obama’s birth certificate or make-believe stories of death panels, McCain regularly confronts critics of the Obama … Continue reading

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McCain: “Sure” Resigning Is Leadership

This is the first time that I’ve ever heard that resigning is leading. When I looked up leadership in, I got these definitions: 1. the position or function of a leader: He managed to maintain his leadership of the … Continue reading

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McCain Calls Hispanics “You People”, Tells Them To Follow Obama’s Lead

John McCain supposedly lost his temper during a recent meeting with Hispanic business leaders at the Capitol’s Strom Thurmond Room. Fellow Republican Senators John Thune of South Dakota and Mel Martinez of Florida also attended the meeting. The three were attempting … Continue reading

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Obama’s Bipartisan Change Slow To Catch On

Increasingly, it looks like the “maverick” label that John McCain has placed on himself is out-of-date. McCain has become a primary critic of Barack Obama’s Presidency and much of the criticism is directed at Obama’s “change.” “It was a bad … Continue reading

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McCain Voted For Bush Policies More Than Any Other Senator In 2008

According the Congressional Quarterly, John McCain supported President George Bush’s position in the Senate 89% of the time during the 110th Congress. That made McCain Bush’s most reliable supporter. In second place was Richard Lugar with 87%. Joe Biden and … Continue reading

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