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Arizona’s New Anti-Science Bill

Arizona State Senators Judy Burges and Chester Crandall have introduced a new bill to “explore” science for students and develop their critical thinking skills. While that sounds like a great topic for young minds, these are just code words for … Continue reading

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Assange Lawyer Argues No Sexual Assault Involved, It Was the “Missionary Position”

No one has ever accused Julian Assange of not being creative. The WikiLeaks founder is fighting extradition to Sweden for sexual assaults involving two women. His British lawyers are doing there best to squash the extradition with some unusual legal … Continue reading

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The Julian Assange Coloring Book

It had to happen. Julian Assange, the coloring book. I’m holding out for the Julian Assange comic book and action figure.

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Assange: “Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of Feminism”

Here is one of the finest quotes of the year. Julian Assange, who remains surprised that the two Swedish women he slept with in August went to the police, feels that he is the victim of overzealous feminists. Assange said … Continue reading

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Assange and his Lawyers Believe there Needs to be an Exception to Transparency When Leaked Documents Involve Him

Proving once again that the dog always bites the hand that feeds it, the UK’s Guardian released leaked documents about Julian Assange’s sex charges. The Guardian is one of a handful of papers that worked with WikiLeaks in publishing the … Continue reading

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Julian Assange’s Online Dating Profile

Hey, Ladies, looking for the intellectual, Nordic type? The type that is 87% slut and 77% perfect? How about someone who is intellectually sexy and smart? Add in a little rationalist and atheist and here is your man… Julian Assange. … Continue reading

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Assange Sex Charges Are Really About His Failure to Use a Condom Properly

The timing of the sex charges against Julian Assange are suspicious. With the release of thousands of classified documents, and government officials calling for Assange’s arrest or even execution over those, the rape charges brought against Assange by Sweden deserve … Continue reading

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Why Assange and WikiLeaks will not be Prosecuted

When the dust settles from WikiLeaks’ document releases, there will probably be some tighter security provisions so a private first class cannot get access to classified documents again. However, there is little else that will change. Many are calling for … Continue reading

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U.S. Government Engages in Financial Warfare Against WikiLeaks

The U.S. government has found a way to get back at WikiLeaks, the whistleblowing organization that revealed civilian causalities caused from the war in Afghanistan. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced that the U.S. government is trying to squeeze WikiLeaks by … Continue reading

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