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Santorum: GOP Will Never Accept Same-Sex Marriage

Rick Santorum, who will undoubtedly run for president again in 2016, is dismayed at the Republicans who are slowly changing their positions on same-sex marriage. Santorum is firmly in the social conservative wing of the Republican Party and is showing … Continue reading

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Billions spent on Elections by SuperPACs with Limited Results

One good note from the election is that the SuperPACs that spent billions on the election received very little in return. The Sunlight Foundation reports that SuperPACs spent $1.3 billion. Most of that was spent on the presidency and senate … Continue reading

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Karl Rove: Cleopatra, Ramses Make Egypt Westernized

Karl Rove makes a good point, except for the part about Cleopatra and Ramses. I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean. Cleopatra did have Mark Antony as her boyfriend, but…um…so what? She wasn’t really of Egyptian heritage, and … Continue reading

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Karl Rove Wants To Take Credit For Obama Victory

Karl Rove wants the country to know that if Barack Obama wins the Presidency, it is because of him. With two Bush victories under his belt already, Rove says if Obama wins it will be because the Democrats copied his … Continue reading

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