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South Carolina Lindsey Graham Thinks Cutting $60 Billion a Year Will Destroy the Military

Sequestration is not the way to handle the huge federal deficit. A scalpel to trim spending, with some departments taking more and some less is the way to go. However, Congress and the President cannot work together. When they made … Continue reading

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Senators Graham and Paul Argue Over “Crazy Bastards”

Guantanamo Bay is one of those issues that stir passions in Washington, even among those who normally agree with each other. In this video, Republican Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham argue over the rights of the “crazy bastard” terrorists … Continue reading

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Steele In Hot Water After Declaring Afghanistan Is Obama’s War

It may be time to start the countdown to Michael Steele’s resignation as RNC chair. Steele’s recent comments on Afghanistan have brought a hailstorm of criticism from leading Republicans like John McCain, Liz Cheney and Lindsey Graham. Conservative bloggers like … Continue reading

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Tea Party Speaker Charges Lindsey Graham Is Selling Out The Country Because He Is Gay

For years, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has faced rumors that he is gay. He is unmarried. That places him under suspicion, according to his critics on the far right. Graham denies he is gay, declaring that he is a … Continue reading

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South Carolina Republicans Fighting Over Party’s Direction

Underscoring the problems that the Republican Party is facing was a contentious meeting at the South Carolina state convention. Three speakers outlined three different approaches. Governor Mark Sanford, who opposed the stimulus package, spoke and listed the Republican lawmakers who … Continue reading

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Senator Graham Jests With McCain Gone He Gets The Nomination

  Senator John McCain is currently on his two-country tour of Latin America with his two favorite Senators, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman. It is hard to know what to call this trip—fact-finding, diplomatic, press event or a summer vacation. … Continue reading

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South Carolina Democratic Senate Candidate Is Also A Republican Activist

Bob Conley, a Democrat, running against South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said during the primary that he was once a Republican who left the party years ago. Members of the North Myrtle Beach GOP club contradicted Conley’s claim. They … Continue reading

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