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Rubio Withdraws Support for Judge After Discovering that He is Gay

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that he is withdrawing support for Judge William Thomas’ nomination to the Federal District Court in Southern Florida because of Thomas’ actions on two criminal cases. Senators routinely nominate candidates for federal judgeships to the … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio Blames God for Dry Mouth

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s awkward grab for some water during his State of the Union rebuttal is just that — awkward. It doesn’t reflect on Rubio’s ideology or competency anymore than Barack Obama’s reference to 57 states or Joe Biden’s … Continue reading

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In 2008 Video, Obama Uncertain if Earth Created in Six Days

The peculiarity here is that Barack Obama pitches some ignorance onto the question of how old the earth is, but then professes a belief in evolution. Evolution in six days? Now there’s a trick. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has been … Continue reading

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Marco Rubios Says a Lot More in GQ Interview than the Age of the Earth is a Mystery

There is a very strong likelihood that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is going to play a major role in the future of the Republican Party over the next few years. Rubio is Cuban, one of the few Hispanic demographics that … Continue reading

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At Least the Birthers are Non-Partisan — Now Going After Florida Senator Marco Rubio

Despite the denials that he will accept the Republican vice-presidential nomination, Florida Senator Marco Rubio remains on everyone’s short list. A young, attractive and newly elected Senator, Rubio hails from a critical swing state. He is also Hispanic, Cuban specifically, … Continue reading

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Rubio “Fool of the Week” in Yearning for Pre-Social Security World

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is a critic of Social Security and other social programs who thinks that there is something fundamentally wrong with government being involved in providing a safety net for the less fortunate. Similar critics have proposed different … Continue reading

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Florida Senator Rubio: Social Programs make Americans Weak

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who has the inside track for the Republican vice-presidential nomination, has come down strongly against Social Security, Medicare and other social welfare programs. Rubio does not just want to reform these programs. He detests these programs … Continue reading

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Birthers Now Questioning Citizenship of Governor Jindal and Senator Rubio

Birthers, fresh off claiming that the newly released Barack Obama long-form birth certificate is a fraud, have now shown that their movement is bipartisan. Along with their continued questioning of Obama’s legitimacy to be president, the new targets are up-and-coming … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Antics In Florida House of Representatives

    Tallahassee, Florida– Florida Democrats, upset that Republican House Speaker Marco Rubio limited debate to three minutes, invoked a rule that all bills be read aloud in entirety. The Republicans did not have the two-thirds majority to deny the … Continue reading

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