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Mike Huckabee Wants the World to Know that He is not a Homophobe for Rejecting Same-Sex Marriage

That former presidential candidate and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is not happy with the Supreme Court’s vote on same-sex marriage is expected. Nevertheless, it is interesting that Huckabee tags the Supreme Court as “extremist.” Let’s remember, this is a court … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage May Be As Important For The Republican Party As It Is For Gay Couples

Many different scenarios have been proposed for the Supreme Court’s ruling on California’s Proposition 8 and the federal DOMA. Those decisions rest on one, maybe two justices. The four liberal justices will line up on the side supporting same-sex marriage. … Continue reading

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Huckabee Tries to Clarify His Foolish Comments about God, Schools and the Newtown Shooting

Just hours after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Mike Huckabee drew a connection between the shooting and the removal of God from American society. At least, that is what most people interpreted his words to mean. Huckabee has tried to … Continue reading

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Huckabee Blames Connecticut School Massacre on Lack of God in Schools

There is no way to describe the horrible tragedy at Newtown, Connecticut. There are no words in the English language that adequately describe the evil of any person who would should young kids. Some people think gun control will stop … Continue reading

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Chick-Fil-A Becomes a National Political Issue

I must confess. I have never eaten at Chick-Fil-A. It isn’t because their management harbors an anti-gay sentiment either. It is because there are not many of those franchises in my part of the country. The closest that I’ve come … Continue reading

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Huckabee Jokes about Sexual Harassment

Now that one of Herman Cain’s accusers has come forth, this commentary from Mike Huckabee is a bit dated. He blasts the sexual harassment accusers of Cain for their anonymity. He then jokes that he has been a victim of … Continue reading

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Huckabee to Perry: Your Problems are not Your Religion

Mike Huckabee had some advice for Rick Perry, who Huckabee doesn’t seem to like much. Huckabee called Perry’s debate performances “extremely less than spectacular.” I think that is the polite way of saying awful. Huckabee’s comments can condensed into two … Continue reading

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Mike Huckabee Wants a Bleeping End to Famine

This is a great ad, drawing attention to a worthy cause — ending famine. The headline stealer is Mike Huckabee. His main appearance is at the end of the video. Neither Huckabee nor any of the other celebrities actually drop … Continue reading

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Huckabee Compares Afghanistan to the Flintstones

He is probably closer to being right than wrong. Mike Huckabee’s point that Afghanistan is a heavily undeveloped society is completely correct. Huckabee makes the claim that it is not even an eighteenth century society, which according to him makes … Continue reading

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Huckabee: Nation’s Battle is “Good Against Evil”

Mike Huckabee’s words at a Rediscover God in America event in Iowa are not well described as inflammatory – flamethrower would be more apt. In his speech, Huckabee turned his attention to same-sex marriage and other social issues. It was … Continue reading

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