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Georgia Congressman Urges Teaching Traditional Gender Roles at School

Georgia Rep. Phil Gingrey is a firm believer in traditional marriage. His candidacy for a Senate seat is based on upholding those traditional values. According to Gingrey, the greatest threat to those values is gays marrying. Gingrey has a simple … Continue reading

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Another Rape Comment, Another Fool

Pity the Republican Party’s Congressmen. They can’t help themselves. From the time former Missouri Rep. Todd Akin started his “legitimate rape” comments, the GOP has been plagued by its candidates and elected officials talking about rape, God and abortion with … Continue reading

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Georgia Congressman Declares Todd Akin “Partially Right” about Rape

A new Congress but the same old stupidity. Insensitive and nonfactual rape comments may have cost the Republicans the Senate last year. Today, it seems that little was learned during those mistakes. Georgia Rep. Phil Gingrey strove into the rape … Continue reading

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Chief Justice Roberts was Key to Validating Obamacare so Texas Rep. Gohmert Wants to Impeach Justice Kagan

In a surprise to almost everyone, Chief Justice John Roberts decided that the Affordable Care Act was constitutional because the fine for not buying health insurance is really a tax. Somehow, Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert thinks this works out because … Continue reading

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Congressman Gingrey brings back Fear of Death Panels

The death panels are back. At least that is what Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia wants Americans to believe. Gingrey claims that the Independent Payment Advisory Board, created by last year’s health care reform bill, is going to kill old … Continue reading

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