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Ralph Nader Goes Gaga Over Sarah Palin

Ralph Nader has cornered a small but significant populist following. It places him on the far left, anti-militarist, anti-corporation but fond of government solving problems. It would seem an odd match that Nader would turn to Palin and compliment her … Continue reading

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Nader Sues Democrats Over 2004 Election

The 2004 election is not over. That is true if you are Ralph Nader or one of his supporters. Nader has filed a lawsuit against the Democratic Party and the Kerry-Edwards campaign in a rural courthouse in small Washington County in … Continue reading

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Third Party Candidates Have Little Impact On Race

Although the third party candidates do not appear to have played a significant role in this election, there are a few states where their presence may have altered the outcome. Of all the states, North Carolina is the most likely … Continue reading

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Nader Asks For Seat In Debate Audience

Ralph Nader, who has been refused a seat at the Presidential debates because of low poll numbers, has now requested a seat in the audience. Nader sent the following request in a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates. In … Continue reading

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Obama Girl And Nader?

The Obama girl definitely gets around. Several months ago, she produced a video with Mike Gravel. Now she has one with Ralph Nader. I have to give Nader some credit. He is producing some nice, humorous videos. After several campaign … Continue reading

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Nader In A Panda Outfit?

  Like him or not, there is one thing you have to say about this Nader video: It is a refreshing break from the Obama-McCain 30-second attack ads. Nader has been criticized for his dour mood, but the soft humor … Continue reading

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Ron Paul And Third Party Candidates Agree On Platform Of Unity

What do a member of the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Constitution Party, an independent candidate and an unsuccessful Republican candidate for President have in common? A lot besides a mutual dislike for John McCain and Barack Obama. Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, Cynthia … Continue reading

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Nader: Obama Supporters Have Nose Rings And Tethers

Ralph Nader thinks he has figured out why Barack Obama has a large following among young voters. It has to do with the popularity of nose rings. ”As long as young people are subjected to the Obama snare and delusion, … Continue reading

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Nader Supporters Use Secret Plan To Get On Oregon Ballot

Ralph Nader has finally found a way to get onto the Oregon ballot. Nader, who pulled 5% in Oregon during his 2000 race for the Presidency, was denied ballot access in 2004. He blamed Democrats for preventing him from getting … Continue reading

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Nader Campaign Calls Democrats and Republicans “Allies”

Ralph Nader is on track to get on the ballot in 45 states this year. At least that is what his campaign says. In 2004, Nader made it onto only 34 states. This year he is already assured of ballot … Continue reading

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