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Rand Paul Backtracks on Statement that Legalized Same-Sex Marriage Leads to People Marrying Animals

When the debate over same-sex marriage comes up, an opponent of marriage equality invariably brings up the possibility of people marrying animals. It is one of the most ridiculous arguments to make against same-sex marriage. There are many faults with … Continue reading

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Rand Paul’s Filibuster Way Short of the Record

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster is a welcome change from the current rules which allow a senator to simply state that he or she wishes to filibuster. It takes 60 votes to break that filibuster threat. That is why it … Continue reading

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“King Barack” Not Doing That Many Executive Orders

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul recently charged Barack Obama with wanting “to act like a king or a monarch.” The particular issue of contention is the 23 executive orders that Obama ordered as part of his gun control program. Paul and … Continue reading

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Senators Graham and Paul Argue Over “Crazy Bastards”

Guantanamo Bay is one of those issues that stir passions in Washington, even among those who normally agree with each other. In this video, Republican Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham argue over the rights of the “crazy bastard” terrorists … Continue reading

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Senator Rand Paul: “We Will Filibuster Until We Talk About the Debt Ceiling”

It is endgame time for raising the debt ceiling. Nevertheless, it is a good sign that people like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul are openly talking about raising the debt ceiling. Even more promising is the common ground Paul suggests between … Continue reading

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Rand Paul: People Should Be Put in Prison for Listening to Violent Speeches

This is not the kind of extremism to be expected from the strongest law and order candidates, much less a libertarian like Kentucky Senator Paul Rand. “I’m not for profiling people on the color of their skin, or on their … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Criticized for “Aqua-Buddha” College Prank in Opponent’s Ad

The election is getting closer because politicians of all shades and perspectives are getting the fever to distort the truth and twist the facts. Sure Rand Paul took part in a college prank many years ago, but the woman that … Continue reading

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Rand Paul And The “Aqua Buddha”

Everyone has done some strange things in college that might raise a few eyebrows. However, Kentucky Republican senatorial candidate Rand Paul may have done some things to raise those eyebrows higher. Back in his college days at Baylor University, Paul … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Reveals That He Is A Flat-Earther

It is not likely to hurt him in coal-rich Kentucky, but senate candidate Rand Paul thinks that strip mining is beautiful. Okay, Paul did not call strip mining beautiful, but he did say it enhances the land. “I think they … Continue reading

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