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Fool of the Year: Richard Mourdock

Every election year brings out the fools. 2012 was no exception. With the nation heading over a fiscal cliff because a balance of cuts and taxes can’t be agreed upon by the President and Congress, there are plenty of fools … Continue reading

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Richard Mourdock Blames Senate Loss on “Liberal Media”

In an attempt to retire his campaign debt, former Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock sent forth a fundraising email. Mourdock lost to Joe Donnelly after leading the race since his primary defeat of Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar. Mourdock plummetted in … Continue reading

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Retiring GOP Congressman Calls Tea Party Theory that Romney too Moderate “Crap”

It’s a shame that Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette is retiring. The nine-term Congressman is a rarity in Congress. He is open to both Democrats and Republicans working together and even called his fellow Republicans “knuckledraggers” because of their reluctance to … Continue reading

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Richard Mourdock’s a Fool for Rape Comment, but His Supporters are not Far Behind

How rape has become a political issue in the 2012 elections indicates how far political debate has fallen. A Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock could be discounted as an extremist who somehow grabbed a major party nomination in a fluke … Continue reading

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Did Richard Mourdock Just Hand the Election to Obama?

I know it sounds a bit far-fetched. A Republican Senate candidate in Indiana says something outrageous about rape, abortion and God and the party’s candidate for President begins to lose critical support in the polls. Far-fetched or not, there is … Continue reading

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Pregnant from Rape? It’s All Part of God’s Plan

Here is Richard Mourdock, candidate for the U.S. Senate from Indiana. Mourdock is a slight favorite in his race against Joe Donnelly. Mourdock has some strong beliefs on abortion. He opposes it in all instances, except for when the mother’s … Continue reading

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Founding Fathers Feared Political Parties because of Foolish Candidates like Richard Mourdock

  When the Constitution was written over two hundred years ago and George Washington was elected president, there were no political parties.  The Founding Fathers had a distrust of political parties. As George Washington said in his farewell address a … Continue reading

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Richard Mourdock: “Bipartisanship Oughta Consist of Democrats Coming to the Republican Point of View”

Merriam-Webster: Bipartisan: : of, relating to, or involving members of two parties <a bipartisan commission>; specifically : marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties That’s the way all of us were taught the meaning … Continue reading

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