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Sen. Menendez Reimburses Supporter for Airfare After FBI Raid

It would be much easier to embrace this story as hard news if it wasn’t coming from the political agenda of The Daily Caller. Yet as I wrote earlier this week, Menendez hasn’t done much to deflect the charges that … Continue reading

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Many Questions Remain Unanswered In Sen. Menendez’ Trips to Dominican Republic

New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez has no one to blame but himself for the mess he has created for himself. Since last fall, Menendez has been battling allegations that he offered $500 for prostitutes while he was in the Dominican … Continue reading

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New Jersey Senator Menendez Accused of Short-Changing Dominican Hookers

The Daily Caller is political pundit Tucker Carlson’s news site. It doesn’t pretend to be a nonpartisan interpreter of the news, but that isn’t the problem. At times, The Daily Caller has played loose with the facts, as in this … Continue reading

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