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McConnell, McCain: No More Government Shutdowns

It is reassuring that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. John McCain understand the folly of shutting down the government. McCain talking to CNN: “We’re not going to go through the shutdown again. People have been too traumatized by … Continue reading

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Birther Congressmen Planning Bill to Expose Obama’s “Fraudulent” Birth Certificate

In case you have wondered what happened to the birthers, well, they are still out there. The lunacy hasn’t stopped. If anything, it has become further entrenched in Congress. Whatever the political persuasion of these politicians, it would seem that … Continue reading

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Florida Rep. Yoho Thinks Citizens should have Same Weapons as Military

When I first became familiar with newly elected Congressmen Ted Yoho earlier this month, I knew he was going to be on the radar with outrageous comments. He’s now moved from castrating stallions to the Second Amendment. “On guns, they … Continue reading

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New Congressman Not Intimidated by Congress, Castrating Testicles

Ted Yoho was elected to Congress in the conservative northern panhandle of Florida. He’s a tea party supporter who states that he would never vote for an increase in the debt ceiling. He believes that his unwillingness to follow the … Continue reading

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