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Fool of the Year: Richard Mourdock

Every election year brings out the fools. 2012 was no exception. With the nation heading over a fiscal cliff because a balance of cuts and taxes can’t be agreed upon by the President and Congress, there are plenty of fools … Continue reading

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Anti-Science Thinking Permeates Possible Chairs of House Science Committee

The defeat of Missouri Rep. Todd Akin to the U.S. Senate is good for science because Akin lost his House seat in pursuit of higher office. Akin sits on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Anyone who sits … Continue reading

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Defeated for Senate, Todd Akin Compares Himself to a Cancer Patient

To the surprise of no one, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill thumped her opponent Todd Akin at the polls. McCaskill grabbed 55% of the vote to Akin’s 39%. At one time, Akin was the frontrunner. Back in August, Akin sabotaged his … Continue reading

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Richard Mourdock’s a Fool for Rape Comment, but His Supporters are not Far Behind

How rape has become a political issue in the 2012 elections indicates how far political debate has fallen. A Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock could be discounted as an extremist who somehow grabbed a major party nomination in a fluke … Continue reading

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Todd Akin: Evolution a Matter of Faith

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, the man behind the “legitimate rape” comment, has taken his expertise to science, specifically evolution. Akin must be speaking the truth, right? After all, he is on the House Science and Technology Committee. It would seem … Continue reading

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Todd Akin: Paying Women Less is about Freedom

Todd Akin is the political gift that keeps giving. He has bungled statements and questions about women ever since his “legitimate rape” blunder. Unfortunately for Akin, anything that remotely sounds sexist is easy to pin on him now. Here is … Continue reading

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Todd Akin Wishes His Opponent Sen. Claire McCaskill was more “Ladylike”

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin makes one misstep after another. His “legitimate rape” comments are well known and nearly sank his senate race. Despite pressure from the Republican Party, he refused to withdraw. Yet his stubbornness may have paid off. New … Continue reading

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Todd Akin Moves from Legitimate Rapes to Legitimate Bribes

The audio is horrible, but the transcript will guide you through. Keep in mind that this is not a recent comment from Missouri Senate candidate and House of Representatives member Todd Akin. These are comments he made on May 11 … Continue reading

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Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin Suggests that Obama Doesn’t Like America

From “legitimate rapes” to Barack Obama not liking America, Missouri Rep. Todd Akin keeps bringing controversy onto his senate campaign. Here is Akin’s take on the Middle East attacks on American embassies. First of all, apologizing to all people, a … Continue reading

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Akin Campaign: We’re only Trailing by 10% so We have this Election Wrapped Up

Spinning bad news into good news is the job of every political campaign. Nevertheless, Missouri Rep. Todd Akin’s campaign for the U.S. Senate just tried to spin his collapsing poll numbers in a unique way. After a week when his … Continue reading

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