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Congresswoman Goes After Staffer for Riding in the Wrong Elevator

Occasionally, a story comes along that reveals the arrogance of some of the people who serve in Congress. Most members are not this way. Yet after serving four terms like North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx, known for her virulent antigay … Continue reading

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North Carolina Rep. Foxx has “Little Tolerance” for those with Large Student Loans

North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx feels that it is unnecessary for those going to college to come out with a degree and a debt of $80,000 or more. She pointed out that she worked her way through college and feels … Continue reading

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Congresswoman Foxx on Loughner: He’s a “Communist”

Yes, Jared Loughner’s politics are best described as liberal, but his politics had nothing to do his shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who is a moderate-liberal. Loughner is nuts. That is what caused the shooting. However, North Carolina Virginia Foxx is … Continue reading

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Congresswoman Foxx “Fool Of The Week”

Health care reform is a political issue. Whether you agree or disagree with it, it is an honorable position if honorably taken. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx opposes the health care bill winding its way through Congress, but she appears to have lost … Continue reading

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Congresswoman Calls Health Care Reform A Greater Threat To Freedom Than Terrorism

It looks like Osama bin Laden is off the hook as the greatest threat to America. Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina has found some greater threats to the security of the United Stats. It does not include crashing … Continue reading

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