Couple Nearly Died Thinking There’s No Way Out of Their Mazda 3 Without Transponder Key

If New Zealand couple Brian and Mollieanne Smith died that day, it would have been the dumbest way to go.

His wife passed out and he was barely breathing after being stuck in the car for 13 hours. What the couple didn’t realize was that they were just a touch of a button away from getting themselves out.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith spent hours struggling to break out of their new Mazda 3 hatchback after realizing they didn’t have the car’s transponder with them.

The new Mazda 3 is a keyless car with a transponder– where drivers can lock, unlock, and start their cars with a touch of a button.

What the Smiths didn’t realize was that despite the car’s advanced features, it still comes with the traditional manual locking and unlocking mechanism which passengers can control from the inside of the car with, well, just a touch of a button.

Lock/Unlock Button for the new Mazda 3 is VISIBLE inside the car
Lock/Unlock Button for the new Mazda 3 is VISIBLE inside the car

So instead of honking the horn endlessly to catch their neighbors’ attention, and instead of trying to break the car’s windows by uselessly pounding on them with a car jack for many hours– which they did– they could have just simply pressed the ‘unlock’ button from the inside of the car.

They could have avoided the unnecessary near-death experience and the three-day hospitalization altogether.

The Smiths’ neighbors found them in the morning of the following day, and were immediately taken to Alexandra’s Dunstan Hospital. Emergency services told the couple that if they stayed inside the car for half an hour more, they could have been dead by then.

Realizing their dumb mistake, Mr. Smith said in an interview, “Once I found out how simple it was to unlock it I kicked myself that I did not find the way out … I had this mind-set that I did not have the transponder [so I could not get out].”

The Smiths blamed the salesman who sold them the car, saying that he made it seem like there was no way they could get out of their new Mazda 3 without its transponder.

General Manager for Mazda New Zealand, Glenn Harris, said that it was an industry first– that someone was trapped inside a keyless car. Harris also added that the incident did not stem from a flaw with the new Mazda 3.

“It’s not a design flaw with the car … what we have said to the network is, with new technologies, don’t forget to show customers how to use them in their entirety [and] how to override them. There is always a manual process to override them.”

As for the Smiths, they now know that they could get out of their car anytime they want to.

Man who couldn’t even move his arms faces gun possession charge

UPDATE: Marcus Hubbard was released from jail without bail.


A 28-year-old disabled man who couldn’t even move his arms has been charged for ‘illegally possessing a gun’ and has been in jail since August.

Marcus Hubbard was riding in a car with three other men when they were pulled over by police officers after running a red light in Trenton, New Jersey. It was then that the officers reportedly found a handgun in the back pocket of one of the car’s seats. The handgun was allegedly stolen from Anchorage in Alaska.

Although the officers were fully aware that Hubbard is a cripple who could not even, at the very least, move his arms– authorities still went ahead and charged him for illegally possessing a gun– which, we believe, is something that would require actual moving human arms in order to use or possess.

Hubbard does not even have one single working arm.

According to Hubbard’s defense lawyer, Caroline Turner, the prosecutors were misstating the laws that apply to constructive possession. Turner said that the prosecution was interpreting the law in such a way where anyone can be charged with gun possession– without the actual physical possession of the firearm– if they can, and/or intend to, exert efforts to control the weapon, either by themselves or through someone else.

What the prosecution was trying to say was that even though they know for a fact that Hubbard has no use and control over his arms to physically hold the firearm in question, they believe that he either intended to exert effort to have control over it or he intended to command someone else to use the weapon on his behalf.

At this point, it is still difficult to imagine that someone who could not even move his arms would even have the audacity to want a weapon that would require them, much less intend to command someone into using it for his purpose.

Hubbard has a spine condition that stemmed from a car accident which left him unable to move both of his arms. He is also suspected to have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Turner said the case against Hubbard “shocks the conscience”.

“How could (he be) held for four months on a gun charge? He cannot move his arms. They are useless to him,” the defense lawyer said during a hearing.

A state judge decided to lower the bail for Hubbard, which was originally set to $100,000, to $35,000.

The prosecutors on Hubbard’s case acknowledged that he has no use for both of his arms, but still insisted that he could still be guilty of the charge filed against him.

Parliament member caught favoriting porn on Twitter

A member of the parliament in the United Kingdom was caught favoriting porn on Twitter.

But as expected, the aging politician said that he is clueless about how and why the racy photo ended up on his Twitter favorites list, insisting that he had never favorited such a thing.

No one believes him, of course.

A high-profile politician from the UK’s Labour Party was red-faced after people noticed that one of the tweets he favorited on his official Twitter account was a pornographic photo of a woman that had a caption that said “J’adore Moi”.

Labour Party MP Vernon Coaker was quick to deny that he had favorited the controversial porn tweet consciously, but had not elaborated on whether or not he was indeed voluntarily browsing pornographic materials on the social media, or if the image had just come up on his Twitter client by accident.

Despite his denial, however, the porn incident should lower Croaker’s ranking on “the most boring MPs” on Twitter, where he recently ranked ninth– right before his Twitter porn scandal went mainstream. A spokesperson for the Westminster MP suggested that the porn-favoriting stint on Twitter could be a subtle attempt by Coaker to shed off his boring image on the social media. But Coaker’s spokesperson was quick to say that the parliament member does not have any idea how the porn material ended up on his Twitter favorites. According to his spokesperson, “Vernon hadn’t a clue how it happened. It’s a bit embarrassing and unfortunate.”

There seems to be something about Twitter porn and British politicians. Coaker is not the first member of the British parliament to find himself in the middle of a Twitter porn scandal. Tory MP for Lincoln Karl McCartney was also caught with a pornographic image on his Twitter favorites list.

While Croaker said he had no idea how the porn material ended up on his favorites, McCartney had an even worse excuse.

The 46-year-old politician blamed his Twitter porn incident on an error of some sort, or hacking, claiming that he is not at all fond of using Twitter’s ‘favorite’ button. What makes his alibi weak, however, is the fact that he had 55 other favorites which included news and political messages; and that ALL of these favorites were deleted shortly after his Twitter porn scandal was outed.

So nobody believed him either.

Needless to say, Croaker and McCartney had people’s eyes rolling all over the place when they came up with their lame excuses.

Tribes Can Use and Sell Marijuana if They Want to, Says Justice Department

In an effort to open doors (or so they say) for what could potentially be very lucrative (at the same time highly controversial) businesses for Native Americans, the Justice Department said that the tribes can grow, sell, and use marijuana if they want to– even in the states where they are deemed illegal.

Potheads can now go on wishing they were Native Americans.

But of course there are federal guidelines that need to be followed.

Unlike potheads, however, most of the Native American tribes are not likely eager for this law to be exercised. A long history of drug and alcohol abuse in the tribes are more inclined to hold them back from taking advantage of this new decision from the Justice Department.

A few of the tribes, however, are likely to see this decision a welcome thought. Some of the tribes have made big enough money by operating casinos and outlet malls, and this could well be seen as a very welcome opportunity for the tribes to venture into the very lucrative marijuana business– making potheads even greener with envy.

But if the tribes decide that they don’t want pot on their lands, the federal government says they will be more than happy to implement the decision on these lands.

If they decide otherwise, there are eight federal guidelines that need to be followed. Some of which prohibit selling pot to minors, as well as transporting them to places where pot is declared illegal.

This is despite the fact that they are allowed to grow, sell, and use pot even in the states where marijuana is still illegal.

President Barack Obama’s former advisor on drug issues, Kevin A. Sabet, called the memorandum issued by the Justice Department an “extremely troubling development”.

Sabet is a known opponent of marijuana legalization.

“It once again sends a message that we really don’t care about federal drug laws,” he said.

“Native Americans and their families suffer disproportionately from addiction compared to other groups. The last thing they want is another commercialized industry that targets them for greater use.”

Exactly which tribes and how many of them would want to take advantage of this new memorandum remains to be seen, but the move by the Justice Department is expected to spark violent reactions from anti-marijuana legalization advocates, as well as states who oppose the sale of marijuana, especially those with Native American reservations.

But for the moment, potheads can just go on wishing they were born as Native Americans.

Brazilian man said he likes killing people ‘for fun’

Just as a man indicted for a killing spree in Seattle admitted that committing the crime was ‘so fun’, a Brazilian man accused of killing a total of 41 people admitted that he did so ‘just for the fun of it’.

While the Seattle shooter was only able to kill one person and injure two others, the Brazilian man took the lives of a two-year-old child, three men, and 37 women. And he said it was fun.

Sailson Jose das Gracas said that he made his first kill when he was 17, and that it ‘felt really good’. Most of his victims were women, and his first kill was no exception.

“At 17, I killed the first woman and that gave me a buzz. I kept on doing it and I enjoyed it,” said Gracas.

The Brazilian man, now at 26, said that the child he killed was only a ‘collateral damage’. Gracas said he feared that the young child might start crying and draw attention from the neighbors while he was still trying to murder someone else.

Most of his victims were women, although he did kill three men. Most of them he killed ‘just for fun’, while some of the people he murdered was part of his job as a gun-for-hire.

Gracas said he preferred killing his victims by strangulation, but he used guns for his kill jobs.

According to the Brazilian man, every kill he made was meticulously planned. Globo’s G1 news portal has quoted him as saying, “I observed them, I studied them. I waited for a month, sometimes a week, depending on the place. I tried to ascertain where they lived, what their families were like. I kept watch on their houses and then after a while went there at dawn, waited for my chance and entered.”

Gracas said that killing people calmed him down.

“When I wasn’t killing someone I got uptight. I would pace up and down at home. Killing calmed me down. I’d kill someone and then would think about the victim for two or three months. After that, I’d go off hunting.”

Police Commissioner Pedro Henrique Medina said that Gracas only killed white women. “He wanted to kill women — white women, not black ones. He followed the victims, studying them closely before committing the crimes.”

Despite knowing the gravity of the charges filed against him, Gracas said he feels no remorse at all.

“I don’t feel remorse — if I go to jail for 10, 15, 20 years, then as soon as I get out I’ll do the same thing all over again.”

Sounds like someone who should be sent to the Syrian battlefield. See if he could kill without getting himself killed in the process.

Student Charged After Sharing Pot Brownies With Teacher

What would you do if you were eating pot brownies in the middle of your class and your teacher suddenly comes up to you and asks if she could have some? Exactly. This Maryland teen panicked too, so he ended up sharing the pot brownie with his teacher.

A teenager from Annapolis was in the middle of enjoying his marijuana-laced brownies when his teacher suddenly came up to him Monday and asked if she could have a piece of the treat. Inevitably, the predicament he suddenly found himself in has caused the Broadneck High School student to go into a state of panic.

Feeling trapped and not knowing what to do, he decided to give his teacher a slice of the drug-infused brownie, albeit reluctantly.

He failed to inform his teacher, however, that the brownie he just gave her was laced with marijuana– which is also likely because he was still in a state of panic and was still left stunned by the difficult situation. But it’s also possible that he was still high from eating his pot brownies, which could have hindered him from thinking rationally.

Reports say that the 17-year-old student originally intended to share the pot brownies with his girlfriend. But even if the incident was driven by sheer bad luck, the teen is still bound to face multiple drug charges.

According to Anne Arundel County police, the pot brownie-induced teacher reported that she began feeling disoriented and fell ill shortly after she ate the student’s brownie. She was immediately brought to the Broadneck High School clinic, where her suspicion that the brownie she had just ingested was laced with marijuana, has been reinforced. The Broadneck High School teacher told police that she was given the marijuana-laced brownie during the class’s third period.

The student, who hails from nearby Arnold, Maryland, is now facing charges of administering a dangerous substance; and because he obliged when his teacher asked him for a piece of the pot brownie, he is also facing charges of assault and reckless endangerment.

Broadneck High School Spokesman Bob Mosier told The Capital Gazette, “Possession and use of drugs can have very, very serious consequences. The very thought that a student would give a teacher something laced with drugs is, quite frankly, appalling.”

The school will also be imposing sanctions on the pot brownie student in accordance with their school policies. Anne Arundel Police refused to name the student but said that the Maryland teenager was already released to his guardian.

Earlier this year a Texas teenager also found himself facing multiple drug charges due to pot brownies, which he had baked and peddled around his neighborhood.

Police Gunned Down Street Performer in One of LA’s Busiest Streets

A knife-wielding guy was fatally shot by police officers in one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles. It now appears that the fallen suspect was just a street performer who scared people off for a living.

Over the past few months it has become increasingly difficult to turn a blind eye on what has seemingly become increasingly rampant police brutality.

It all started with Ferguson’s Mike Brown and could have easily ended there, but the growing number of seemingly unwarranted police shooting incidents made sure that it didn’t.

Sure, there are probably some cases in these series of police shooting incidents where the law officers might have been in the right, but when you end up with a pile of dead bodies and see at least one of them who is not supposed to be there, it’s hard to get things right.

Policing is not the same as hunting. Taking a man’s life is not the same as taking a deer’s life. And after deaths upon deaths of civilians who may not have even deserved what they got, things like this could easily be the last straw.

A still unidentified man was shot dead Friday at LA’s Hollywood Boulevard near the city’s famous Walk of Fame. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, officers responded and the man was gunned down after a caller alerted 911 of a man with a knife.

Two bicycle-riding police officers reportedly responded to the scene and immediately fired shots at the man they described as a young white male who was holding a 3-4 inch knife.

But people who claim to know the dead suspect said that the guy whom the police killed was just a street performer who scares people off for a living.

The man only known as ‘J’ was allegedly a street performer who frequently dressed up as the masked villain in the popular Hollywood movie, “Scream”.

‘J’ reportedly frequented Hollywood Boulevard to scare off tourists and pose in pictures holding a knife in exchange for money.

LA’s Hollywood Boulevard is renowned for its street performers who dress up as characters from famous Hollywood movies. The street performers pose with tourists for pictures, and are in turn paid for these services.

The Los Angeles Police Department has remained mum and has not released any information of the shooting incident. It has, however, posted a photo of what appeared to be a regular Swiss Army Knife (which everyone is allowed to carry around), beside the suspect’s dead body on its official Twitter account.

Russian Spy was Ordered to Seduce Cyber-Snooping Whistleblower

If Edward Snowden had fallen for her, he would have fell all the way to the bottomless pit of Russian inquisition.

Before Russian eyes were on him, 29-year-old Snowden was a former technical director for the CIA. In 2013, the former National Security Agency employee quit his $200,000 a year job after deciding that he could not stomach any more of what the Central Intelligence Agency was doing, apparently not only to American citizens, but also to millions across the world who were of particular ‘interest’ to the US government.

In a highly controversial and extremely bold move, Snowden leaked 1.7 million of classified documents that revealed intricate details of the US’s comprehensive spying, not just at home but also overseas. Snowden’s shocking revelation infuriated many foreign leaders, as it was alleged in his leaked documents that America spied not only on its foreign enemies, but also on its foreign allies. Snowden claimed that the US collected data from millions of international phone calls by people whom the US considered of particular interest, including foreign leaders– allies and enemies alike.

Shortly after Snowden announced his big reveal, he fled to Hong Kong for safety. But little did he know that the Russians already had their eyes on him.

A pair of those many eyes belonged to Russian spy Anna Chapman.

Chapman was made and later on kicked out of the US in 2010 after it was proved that she belonged to a ring of elite Russian spies.

But the Russian FSB Intelligence Agency was clearly not done with Chapman– even though she’s already been made years prior– as the country’s intelligence high command ordered her to seduce Snowden, who left his pole dancer fiancé in Hawaii to flee for his life.

The Russian FSB seemed to have felt that Chapman, whose dad was a former KGB agent himself, was the perfect agent to play bait to Snowden. According to reports, the original plan was for Chapman to make Snowden fall for her and lure him into staying in Moscow.

It is still unclear if the plan ever materialized, but Chapman did send a marriage proposal to Snowden via Twitter.

According to experts, if Snowden gave the spy his yes, he would’ve been entitled to Russian citizenship, and that would have meant that he would need the Russian government’s permission if he wanted to leave the country.

After staying in Hong Kong for a time, Snowden flew to Moscow where he was holed up for several months, before he was finally granted asylum in August. Analysts believe that Snowden will be milked by the Russians for further details of the American cyber-snooping tactics, which the US had already anticipated.

Obama Immigration Reform: Path to Citizenship

With the recent executive order, President Obama has helped move forward on the issue of immigration reform. What the executive order covers specifically is a number of changes in regards to those individuals that fall under the title of undocumented.

Path to Citizenship

One of the various changes made is the expansion of those that are eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This program is for people that arrived in the United States prior to their 16th birthday and have been in the country since January, 1st 2010. What the executive order does is extend the time of coverage for those already in the program. The program originally covered two years but is extended to three under the executive order. One of the other changes pertains to the waivers of unlawful presence. These waivers originally allowed the spouse of a lawful citizen or the minor(s) of a lawful citizen to apply for a waiver until they acquire a proper immigrant visa. With the new changes it allows for any children of a lawful citizen to apply. Additionally it clarifies the terms by which “Extreme hardship” would apply for a waiver application.

Family Ties

Along with the mentioned changes above, one of the major changes is regarding the parents of a United States citizen or Lawful permanent resident. This new provision allows the parents of the above mentioned individual to apply for deferred action and work authorization. Some of the conditions of this however are being a resident of the country since January 1st, 2010 as well as not being an enforcement priority. This will allow for greater opportunities for families to stay together in addition can provide assistance to gain lawful employment.

Streamlining the System

One of the other goals of the executive order is to speed up the system by which visas and other similar paperwork is processed. One of the biggest issues currently is the stagnate system that is currently in place. Though various means the goal is to speed up the process by which visa applications are sorted, reviewed and handed out. Unlike the other elements mentioned above there isn’t anything specific by which to have this process modified outside of reviews of the current system and the potential advice that will arise from them.

One step forward

There is a long way to go still in regards to immigration reform. With the help of this executive order it is edging closer to a beneficial outcome not only for those that it effects but for the country as a whole.

Is Trick-or-Treating a Crime? Some Cities Think So

“When I was a kid my father said to me, ‘You’re too big to be going trick-or-treating. You’re done. When that doesn’t happen, then that’s reason for the city governments to intervene.”

Those are the words of Mark Eckhert, Mayor of Belleville, Illinois.

Since 2008, Belleville has had a law prohibiting anyone older than twelve-years-old from trick-or-treating or wearing a mask in public any day of the year. It is punishable by a fine up to $1000.

That it is illegal for a thirteen or fourteen-year-old to put on a mask and ask for candy on Halloween has a certain Big Brother element to it.

Belleville is not alone. Cities in Mississippi, Maryland and South Carolina have similar laws on the books. Several cities in Virginia put the law on the books in the 1970’s.

Residents complained about strapping 6-foot teenagers without costumes asking for candy.

“What can be done about the 6-foot-tall trick-or-treaters who come 10, 10:30 at night banging on our door?” Eckert recalled one of his constituents saying.

That shouldn’t be so hard to find an answer. At the least, it shouldn’t involve laws to find the answer.

The simplest thing to do at 10:30 at night when someone knocks on the door is not answer it. Most people invite trick-or-treaters to their home by having a porch light on. If the porch light is off, then candy is not available.

A simple sign “Kids Only, No Adults or Teenagers” or “No Costumes, No Candy” would seem to be solutions as well.

Instead there is a law fining a thirteen-year-old from trick-or-treating. Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?